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Hey people,
I decided to try something different on this one. The last couple of weeks I read a few Tutorials in how to digital paint over different mediums. I wanted to try this, so I made a really tight drawing and then proceeded. I also wanted this to be different in terms of subject matter, so I also wanted the painting to have a 1970s science fiction feel to it. I will be doing more of these and will limit it for the time being to sci-fi themes.

By for now,




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I painted some cool hands yesterday.

They aren’t finished yet, but I should be finished with this by next Weekend. Then I can Show the whole painting.


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Sketchbook Post.

I have three sketchbooks and all are about one quarter full. My goal this year is to fill at least one of them by the end of the year.
As always, thanks for taking a look,


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The Red Stool.


Hi people, things are getting back to normal here. Life is slowing down and I’m finding time to paint, and finished this last night. I’m slowly gathering ideas for my next larger painting, it will be maybe something under water or a touch oriental-fantasy.

Thanks for dropping by,


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You never know what will happen.

A few weeks ago as I opened my E-mail in-box in the early morning hours, I noticed an E-mail from an art director. I was intrigued and also a little annoyed, I had received E-mails before from people asking me to work for free. The old,”We can’t pay you now, but when the product starts making money we can pay you,” game. I considered deleting the mail before opening it, but I opened it and read it.  It was an art directer from Netflix in Ireland asking me if they could use one of my paintings as a backdrop. I was stunned and didn’t know what to say much less formulate a coherent reply to this person’s E-mail. I weight the pros and cons of letting them use it. I wouldn’t be getting paid for this was the first thought, but you don’t know where this could lead to was the next. I was certain they would be taking advantage of me, but I would get exposure (maybe). Then I heard a voice inside my head say this is what you wanted isn’t it? You’ve worked this hard all these years so people would want to used your work commercially. I then remembered a post from a renown artist, saying how he initially worked for almost nothing so he could get his foot in the door.

I decided to let them use it. So if you are watching the detective series Jack Taylor on Netflix and come across the next picture you know the back story. Maybe they won’t use it, maybe they will, I don’t know. Most likely it will only be shown for 3 seconds and thats it, if at all.

Thanks for looking in,




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