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Lets Start Something New.

img_20170305_121316  img_20170305_121411

Starting a new painting is hard for me until I find my way into it. Its hard to explain, its like searching for the picture on the canvas and being afraid you’re going to screw something up. You just have to get through this part, I always tell myself.

The first one is only two weeks old (crappy photo) and I’m slowly getting the background to were I want it to be. The second is a portrait, because I like doing portraits and I thought this would be cool and I don’t want to get out of practice with putting down paint wet on wet.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t let fear influence you, we are living in the best of times.



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Silent film actress Maud Feally Portrait.


Continuing the silent film actress series, heres another portrait from the beautiful Maud Feally. I tried something different on this one, I rendered the face in detail and suggested the other parts. So far I got a very positive reaction to this one. Now that I finished my last painting, “The First Sword of Braavos” I started a portrait, but I won’t be showing any work-in-progress shot because I believe it takes something away from the final reveal. Oh well, on to the next one.

Thanks for looking in,


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What I’m working on in September.

Becky-2weeksGreetings to all. I started this graphite drawing of my niece two weeks ago. You might be able to see her in next years “Germany’s Next Top-Model” if she gets accepted (I think she will). I like the direction this is going, I might do something different with the background, instead of just black, I was thinking maybe a Japanese or Chinese landscape.

Underpainting-SollerI also started this oil under-painting of Port de Soller from an old vacation photo. This painting is now at the point were I start thinking to myself, “oh my God what did I get myself into here.” Which is good, because I know that I’m working outside of my comfort-zone.  That’s me pushing my oldest son in his buggy to the right in the picture.

Thanks for taking a look,


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Learn how to draw a head with Stan.

I love those times when you come across a piece of information, or you see a tutorial and it just clicks in your mind. I call that the “Ahah!” moment. I just had one of these the other day. I stumbled across a blog from a Stan Prokopenko, he not only explains how to draw a head at any angle, he does it clear and easy for everyone to understand(even me 😉 ). Enough of me babbling, here is the video. I also highly recommend checking out his website.

Checkout his web site at:   Stan Prokopenko   

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and keep drawing,


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