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Victorian Gothic Paint-Week-1


Not much to show, The under-paint is finished and all ready started working on the face. I’ve 1 – 1 1/2 months to finish this.

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Studies in Oil.

Circe Invidiosa- John William Waterhouse- 1892

Hi people,

It used to be that artists in training would copy another artists paintings. This was in a sense to absorb some of the essence of the masters ability to paint. Now I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now  and I’ve chosen the above painting to “copy.” Waterhouse is one of my favorite painters, I’ve even had a Waterhouse week last summer where I featured a different Waterhouse painting every day. I don’t really think I can absorb Mr. Waterhouse’s ability to paint but I will give my best to do this beautiful painting justice. I’ll be doing a weekly update thingy with my progress.

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A Flute Kissing a Drum and being ignored by the Metronome. Finally Finished!!!

WEB_Flute Kissing a Drum and being ignored by the metronome

What can I say, this is finally finished. I started this in November 2012 and 4 months later its finished. What I learned: 1. Life can really get in the way when painting. When I started this I actually wanted to do two paintings at once (I’m still working on the other), but have way through decided to concentrate on this one and then on the other one. 2. don’t under estimate wood grain. The wood grain in the panel in the background and the drum was what I was most worried about and taking the time to do it right payed off. 3. Get back on the horse when you fall off, you’ll thank yourself later.

The winter over here in Germany (the Rhine Valley) just doesn’t want to leave. I bought a Penbrush and small watercolor set to go out and paint outside, but the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate.

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