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I painted some cool hands yesterday.

They aren’t finished yet, but I should be finished with this by next Weekend. Then I can Show the whole painting.



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Hand Studies



This post is a little late,… My computer gave up the ghost on the weekend and I’ve had to figure out a way to stay online without it. Luckily my son had just bought a laptop, so I’ll be using that until mine is fixed.

So, I did my monthly studies,like I said I would be doing. I’ve decided to take a week every month to do anatomy studies and this month was the month of hands. If you want to do these also heres the link: Hand-Studies.

Next month I’ll be either doing noses or eyes. Now I think I’ll be drawing something completely different, maybe a shark or two.

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The hands have it. My Hand resources.

Like I mentioned last week I would be posting my self-made hand resources that I have made for hand studies.  I made 3 A3 pages with 4-5 hand poses with my hand holding something or just my hand. I will be doing this once a month with different anatomy parts that I need to brush up on.

Her is a link to my Deviantart page, direct to the page, the zip-download is on the right of the page.  Click on me!!

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