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My painting set-up.

This is my little corner of the house that I paint and draw in. It has a lot of natural indirect sunlight which I love, and I can open the door and go outside if I want some fresh air.

My dragon painting is coming along, I’m still in the “happy-state” where this will be the best painting I’ve ever painted. I also changed the perspective, I think it give the picture more dynamic.

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There be dragons.

Did you ever see two dragons fight? I was thinking along this line as I was racking my brain trying to come up with a dragon themed study for my next painting. I also want to show some movement or conflict between two dragons. Maybe a territory fight or one dragon protecting his brood. Anyway I will comitt to this one and see it through to a finished painting. I’ll look for a cool background and cut out the dragons and paste them over it for the finished reference, maybe a mountain with a blue sky.

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Dragons- Watercolor sketches



On the weekend I didn’t have time to draw or  paint, my oldest son had his birthday and between getting things ready for his birthday party and the weekend chaos, I just didn’t find or make the time. I was able to break out the water colors and sketch a little. Now for me a sketch is when it takes under two hours to complete. The dragon top left was my son’s toy dragon and the bottom one is from imagination, but heavily influenced from Peter Jackson, I guess that comes from watching The Two Towers the night before.

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