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Portrait Maude Fealy, the first in a silent movie actress series.


I’m Starting a silently film actress series of drawings. This is the first in the series, the actresses name is Maude Fealy. These will be done in Pastels and the fine details in colored pencils. I have about two more weeks of work on my swordsman painting. I’m working on skin tones and highlights now so progress is picking up. I still need to work on the footpath leading into the city.

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The Green-Hell, or how I learned how to paint grass.

Einhausen-Bridge Almost -Finished

I started this painting thinking what a cool image this is. We went for a walk in a small village close to us and I took a picture of this bridge, loving the water and all the shadows and the lovely shades of green, thinking this would be a great painting. Little did I know grass is not just green, but a combination of many shades of green and usually a yellow-green when the sun is shining on it. It took me a while to realize this and was always wondering why my grass didn’t look like the grass outside. I still have a few things to do in this painting, but I’m at the stage where I see light at the end of the tunnel and start planning my next painting.

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Update to Gesture drawing hell 101.

Image (Rembrandt.fallhut) courtesy of Wikipedia.

This is an update post to the Welcome to Gesture drawing hell 101 that I posted quite a few years ago. I’ll add some new sites and remove some sites that don’t exist anymore.

Here are my resources:


I just found this one a few weeks ago. Whats good here is you can do a hands, head or even feet session along with the regular full bodied gesture poses (clothed or not clothed).

Onairvideo or Croquis Cafe

This a Youtube channel offering videos of models in timed poses. I find this helpful because you can see the model move and sort of see the muscles under the skin. Also there is a link to their web site where you can find a archive of photos model posing, which can be helpful when you need or are looking for that certain pose for a project.


Stan Prokopenko, he’s an artist and art teacher. He has created a site with an insane amount of free and pay-for information, including great instruction videos, explaining gesture drawing and how to get started gesture drawing. If your new to gesture drawing look here first. Also many videos covering the head, nose, ear and mouth definitely worth taking a look.


The models that they used are not real people. Some people contest that the anatomy isn’t right, by some of the models. But I find the site good for gesture training. It’s also possible to load different “models” and turn them to the view that you want them. This is handy when you’re working on something and you don’t have a human reference handy, one can find something similar to the pose that you need and use it as reference, very handy. The advantage this site has is there is no nudity; one can slip in a gesture drawing session at work without worrying if your colleagues or boss “happens” to look what you’re doing.


Very cool site, loads of models, (nudes and clothed).

If you know of any cool or other similar sites please leave a comment.

So, get out your pencils and paper, turn off your thoughts.

Keep drawing,


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5 art Blogs you should follow

Hi people , I’m glad you could all look in. Heres my list of blog I consider to be, the art blogs one should at least look in at least once a week, if not daily. So, instead of me sitting here and “schwetzen,” heres my list.


1. Muddy Colors

This is a group of guys and girls who are leaders in the illustration business today. Definitely worth looking in everyday.



2. Gurneyjourney

This is Mr. Gurney’s blog which is updated daily. Mr. Gurney is famous for his Dinotopia books among others. Anyone who has read National Geographic will recognize some of his paintings if not all of dinosaurs or historical themed paintings. A wealth of knowledge is at this blog and Mr. Gurney is constantly creating new material or even tutorials. Also his book should be in every aspiring artist bookshelf.


3. Lines and Colors

This a blog written by Mr. Parker, who himself is painting a day artist. In his own words:

Lines and Colors is a blog about drawing, sketching, painting, comics, cartoons, webcomics, illustration, digital art, concept art, gallery art, artist tools and techniques, motion graphics, animation, sci-fi and fantasy illustration, paleo art, storyboards, matte painting, 3d graphics and anything else I find visually interesting. If it has lines and/or colors, it’s fair game.



4. Ctrl+Painting

Control Painting is instructional digital painting blog written by a Mr. Kohr. There is wealth of knowledge here, videos and blog posts. Mr. Kohr is a good teacher and the videos and the whole blog is worth exploring.



5. Paintingstufftolooklikestuff

This is blog written by Mr. Gluck and Mrs. Stone, who are also married. The blog is very informative and and they have very good sense of humor which makes it a lot of fun it read.



So thats my list of “must read blog.” If you have any more leave a coment, it would great to hear from you.

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Still-life Bottle and Snail Shell

Bottle and Snail shell-web


Ok, this seems like a cheater post because I posted this picture “almost finished” last week, but it turned out pretty good so I just wanted to show it here in it’s final state. I started a drawing for a friend of mine, I’m trying to use charcoal for the soft shadows, so far it’s pretty interesting. I’m really enjoying drawing with charcoal, it’s almost like painting. Pushing around the charcoal and white chalk on paper is addictive. The “At Auction” to the right was drawing using Charcoal, black and white chalk.

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The Passion

The Passion-webI know I said last week that I wanted to get back into my main interest, Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but I had started this painting (like so many) and wanted to bring it to an end. Now I like working on drawings and watercolor paints while doing oil paintings because you get a sense that you are getting something done, it’s quick, it’s fun and you have a feeling that you have accomplished something. I paint slow (in Oil), I usually layer my paints and have to wait for them to dry before I paint the next layer, I also don’t have a lot of time, about 2-3 hours a night, most time only 2 hours, if I’m lucky enough to be able to take a nap before painting. I’ve got some fantasy concepts going around my head and I’ve taken resource photos, but I’ve got to get the stuff I started all ready finished first. I wonder if I’m the only one who works like this?

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The more dangerous of the Species.

The more Dangerous of the species-web

I wanted to do something with sharks, so here it is. The question is; is she with the sharks or are the sharks hunting her? To tell the truth, I don’t know myself. I like to thinks she’s with the sharks, that she’s just as dangerous. Graphite and pitt pastels. I also wanted to set a direction for my work. I wanted to get back to my fantasy and sci-fy roots, back to what inspires me.

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I wanted to do a watercolor portrait for a while now. I tried to get a look of determination in her face as if she knew what she wanted and how to get it. I’m not finished with the painting yet, I want to add highlights to her hair with white gouache. This was made with watercolors sprayed with fixative and then I went over it in pitt pastel pencils. The finished work can be seen later this week under my available work up above. I’ll be selling this in my Etsy store later this week.

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1 Million Illustrations posted by the British Library.


The British Library posted 1 million Victorian era illustrations to Flickr. This is definitely worth an hour or two.

Here’s the link: Flickr

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Painting: Venus Rising

Venus Rising-WebI wanted to “really” Paint with my watercolors for a change instead of doing cartoons with them (which is loads of fun). I sat around on the weekend and sketched and sketched scenes trying to figure out what I wanted to paint. I’ve been boning up on my anatomy and figure drawing combined with gestures and I thought of a post on “Muddy Colors” the other week about how Illustrators are not considered artists, I thought “what would Botticelli think about this. I mean “fine art”, illustration and whatever are terms that have arrive in the past couple hundred years to categorize art. I think the most important thing about art is: Do I like it? Does it say something to me? and what do I feel when looking at it.

I draw and paint because I like to,.. Point. The added plus is the fact that I know what I like, a lot of people don’t actually know what they like or can’t put their finger on why they like something.

This watercolor will be auctioned on ebay starting the 12.12.13. Just click on the widget on my home page “At Auction” and you’ll be taken to the ebay auction.

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