Oil painting “et Venatricis” and why I Art.


I was going to call this painting Hunting Orcs, because that was my original idea. Someone out in the wild, hunting orcs or trying to protect themselves while being hunted and turning the tables and hunting the hunter. But as I was painting I realized the name didn’t fit so settled on the Latin phrase for The Huntress. I took my time on this one, like I had mentioned before, life comes at you sometimes and Art has to take a back seat. An important person in my life will be having corrective surgery in the next few days and I had to make arrangements. Needless to say I’ve been occupied with other things than Art.

Why I paint and draw and generally why I create my Stuff: (drummmmrollll)

I have no idea why, generally speaking I really don’t know why. I don’t earn money with it. I don’t get a lot of positive feedback either. I guess its just that I get a good feeling doing it and I’m addicted to that feeling. Yeah it makes me feel good to actually draw or paint. I do studies, make reference photos and sketch my ideas out as thumbnails all the stuff that you’re “supposed” to do. Will I ever make this my main job and quit my day job? If thing don’t change, probably not. I have three mouths to feed and other responsibilities, and my job gives me something that I need to keep me structured (if that makes sense).

Will my art work be worth anything someday? I doubt it. The most I’ve ever sold a small painting for was €30. So I’m not to hopeful that people will be ripping my paintings out of my hands, like I’ve heard of other artists. I came into this world with nothing and thats how I will be leaving.

Will I stop painting? Definitely not, I love it to much.

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