Logan’s Discord.


In November I told myself I would be painting something ugly. I was a little disappointed in the vote in USA and wanted to let my disappointment out through my painting. I decided to paint one of my comic book heroes that I collected as a kid. I wanted a little symbolism in the painting also, so let me explain:

First, the eye in the background is Prof. Xavier the man who founded of the X-men and a powerful telepath. Second, the the giant X in the background stands naturally for the X-men. The skull stands for death, Logan’s constant companion, but always seemingly out of reach (I know Logan is still dead in the Marvel Universe). Cyclops is also in the background and The Phoenix stands for Jean Grey. The flames stand for the chaos that was his life. Okay I know that was a bit melodramatic but those were the thoughts that I but into the painting, I hope you like it and understand if you don’t, painting with skulls in them usually put people off.

Thanks for looking in,




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