May you live long and prosperous.




Please bare with me while I rant, I will get to my point.

I grew up in cold war USA. At the time I was growing up there was a deep hatred / angst for the USSR. There was always talk of Atom bombs and “First Strike Advantage,” I never really knew what that meant at the time or that it made any sense, because basically we would be destroying our planet in the process of “Protecting ourselves.”  My little boy brain couldn’t make sense of why would people on the other side of the world would want to destroy us. But I theorized, that they thought they were the good guys too. And that they wanted to protect themselves from us. I felt sad after I realized this, why couldn’t we live in peace?

I the 90’s I witnessed the Berlin wall crumble and the USSR collapse as Bush senior said “there is a new world order.” I thought the world would be a better place as the Doomsday clock was set back a few minutes. The last few years though I have the feeling the world is taking a step backward, the world unity that I enjoyed as a young man is vanishing. I realize that there are reasons for this, globalisation isn’t always good. The small guy doesn’t profit from it usually and the big business is only interested in how much money they can make.

The reason for this rant is, I was stunned this week as probably millions for other people were, I was convinced that world had just made another step backwards. The people that I worked with notice this also, I was depressed and shocked. But I realized I can not change the USA vote by being shock or depressed. But I can make a difference with my friends and colleagues by trying to stay positive and look on the bright side. One good thing is we will be supplied with some A1 comedy for the next four years even if its not intended to be. For those people disappointed that a woman wasn’t elected, this will happen eventually. The world is changing and I do believe for the better despite all the hate being slung around. So make yourself some popcorn, open your favorite beverage and lets enjoy the show.

Stay positive and do something kind for a stranger this week,



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