Vacation sketches and why I will stop chasing likes.

Vacation Watercolors

Hi people,

Heres a little of what I’ve been doing and a clue to where I’ve been the last week. It was good to get away from everything and get your mind on other things like walking on the beach and looking for cool stuff that has been washed ashore. I’ve also have been thinking about what I’ve been doing the last year. I realized I’ve was doing my best / creative work when I wasn’t chasing “likes” and doing what I felt came from my inside of me. Now anyone who has stopped by here knows I’m trying to paint a dragon. This just isn’t working, I’ve done studies, I took pictures of friend and relatives posing from me, but it just doesn’t feel right, I can’t explain this any better. Maybe it will come when I’m not trying to force it, but right now I feel the need to do something else. I’m strange that way sometimes, my best ideas and drawing / paintings come when I least expect it.

I realize I’m lucky because I don’t have to rely on my art for my income, I have a day job to pay my bills and put food on the table. I dream of supporting myself and family with my work but being realistic is probably safer and you can go on vacation without worrying about not eating.  So, my motto for the coming year will be- “Stop Chasing Likes.” You’re free to join me.

Stay healthy,




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2 responses to “Vacation sketches and why I will stop chasing likes.

  1. Just thought I’d comment because I’m in a similar position. I mess around with fiction and art but don’t need to earn from it. I do it because I enjoy it immensely. So why send stuff to publishers, galleries etc (that mostly gets rejected)? And why social media? Answer: because I would like other people to get some enjoyment out of my work.

    Then the question becomes how do I know if anyone actually does enjoy my social media stuff? I think in the first place comments, and second place likes, although they are not 100% reliable. And I think it’s only fair that I do the same thing, so I have various tags in the Reader and
    I ‘like’ stuff that I like and sometimes comment. By the way, I like your portraits in particular :).

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