Silent film actress Ann Murdock painting.

All Prima Ann Murdock-web


Continuing my silent film actress series with Ann Murdock. More alla prima practice, I’m really liking the wet on wet style of painting. It takes a little patience to build up form but the painterly shading and rendering is what I really like about painting like this.

After researching and finding out information about these young actresses in the early film business, one finds a lot of tragic stories. Many of these beautiful attractive women who had been successful either in film or modeling ended either very poor or worse. This is definitely a project that started for me with the intent to draw or paint these people, but the more I found out about each person I learned about their difficult private lives and how fate dealt them devastating blows.

Thanks for looking in and stay curious,




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2 responses to “Silent film actress Ann Murdock painting.

  1. I am very curious, Bill. I was always fascinated by the private lives of the classical musicians or authors whose work I enjoyed. I think it is a wonderful idea to create portraits in tribute to their efforts at work and in life. Warm regards. xo

    • Thanks. Yes, it is very interesting to find out about the personal lives of the people I draw or paint. It somehow adds another dimension to it all for me.

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