First sword of Bravos detail – WIP

Detail swordsman first pass  So here is the first pass of the swordsman that I’m painting. I’m having problems taking pictures of this piece, because my shadow regions tend to reflect strange. Does anybody know of a tut or info I could look at about photographing your art work? I read the Muddy colors post from Dan Santos but I just don’t have the money to invest in a lighting system, so I usually depend on natural sun light. I have a corner of in our house that usually has just the right conditions to take a pictures, but this one is a difficult nut to crack. If anyone has suggestion I would really appreciate a comment.

I still need to glaze over this more and deepen the shadows and bring out the highlights. I would say I just entered stage 4 of my painting process, where the painting and I start finding our way back to each other. Its sort of a love – hate relationship.

Thanks in advance and stay clean,



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Filed under Oil or Acrylic Painting, Work-in-Progress

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