Still-life, Last Figs of the Year.


Last Figs of the Year

I like doing these small paintings to challenge myself to see just how much realism I can achieve in a painting. I’m a big fan of the painting a day sites on the Internet and I peruse Ebay sometimes to see the paintings that are offered there. Sadly I don’t have the time for this and truth be told, the time that I do have I usually spend taking my art in a different direction. My next large painting will be a portrait, I’m gathering ideas and modeling things in Blender for the background, Maybe next time I can show something.

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Filed under Oil or Acrylic Painting

2 responses to “Still-life, Last Figs of the Year.

  1. The figs are quite realistic. Great colour, light, contrast and flavour. Best of luck with your future work.

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