Victorian Gothic week-3 or how I learned to speed up my paint drying time.




Hi people,

Here is my stand for week 3 . I use organic walnut oil to thin out my paints, now this works great and the painting doesn’t yellow as it grows older, but there is one drawback: the drying times. I like to keep my paints solvent free and try to keep everything natural as possible (OK I don’t make my own paints). Walnut oil is great to thin out your paints and works well for glazing, but for some colors the drying time is long, I’m talking about 3-7 days, which when you are in a hurry, this can be excruciating long. After painting now I set my painting close to the window where sunlight come in the room in the afternoon. Now the drying time is just about cut in half. I don’t know if this is “good” for the painting but I would like to get this one done, but still do a kick-ass job on it, because this will be my second entry picture for the coming art contest in our area where I live.

The picture itself is coming along nicely. I like the face, it still needs work and the shadows need to get deeper, but I like it so far.

Thanks for looking in,



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