Under Painting, Medusa Rising.

medusa week 2


Hi People,

Here is the start of my new painting. This is now in the state where my family will start looking at me strange and suggesting to me that maybe I should keep painting small paintings and still-life. When I try to explain to them that when you look at someone’s eyes that you see light green around the eyes because there are a lot of veins directly under the skin and that around the cheeks there are a lot of capillaries around the cheeks and nose so that there is a lot of red there. They just sort of look at me strange and wonder if I have lost a few marbles. Besides that I had to give her a major breast reduction after my wife told me that her boobs were to big, and damm, she was right, so I gave her a breast reduction. Besides that I think this is coming along nicely considering this is only the under-painting. I can slowly see how this will look later.

Thanks for looking in,



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