Circe Invidiosa- Week 1.5 “Work-in-progress.”

Circe Invidiosa- Week 1.5


I my last post I had said I was planning on Painting Circe Invidiosa- from J.W. Waterhouse. I’ve been working on this for about a week and a half and I like how it’s coming along. As I said before Waterhouse is one of my favorite painters among  many. But as I was painting I had notice a few things which once noticed they can’t be “unseen.” So if you don’t want to “ruin the painting for yourself don’t keep reading.

Last warning,,,,…

Now I have the utmost respect for Mr. Waterhouse and I would be pleased to someday be able to paint as great as he did. Ok, now that half of the people have left I’ll tell you what I noticed in the original.

-The anatomy is wrong. Her legs are to long and her hip is to high.

– The water is to blue and there are no reflections.

– The forest lacks texture.

Now I will probably get tons of hate e-mails for this. But I had to speak up, for a while I had considered that maybe I should have picked another painting to paint, but no I’ll use his painting as a reference and try to paint things how I would want to paint. I still love the original painting, it has an atmosphere to it that is amazing, but like I said, once yopu see these things they can’t be unseen.


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