Studies in Oil.

Circe Invidiosa- John William Waterhouse- 1892

Hi people,

It used to be that artists in training would copy another artists paintings. This was in a sense to absorb some of the essence of the masters ability to paint. Now I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now  and I’ve chosen the above painting to “copy.” Waterhouse is one of my favorite painters, I’ve even had a Waterhouse week last summer where I featured a different Waterhouse painting every day. I don’t really think I can absorb Mr. Waterhouse’s ability to paint but I will give my best to do this beautiful painting justice. I’ll be doing a weekly update thingy with my progress.

Thanks for looking in,




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2 responses to “Studies in Oil.

  1. kemal

    is she pregnant? 😎

    • Hi Kemal, this is the strange thing about this painting. The anatomy is way off. Yes she has a slight “belly” and her legs are way to long and her hip is in the wrong place, but I was going to mention that in next week in my next post. Mr. Waterhouse did a great job of painting her but there are some things in this painting that you notice when you really look at it.

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