Chronos Keep

I mentioned last week that I had some ideas about a concept for a new project of mine, something that would be a cross between Star Wars and Max Parish.  First off I have to say that I have been reading a book called Hyperion. The Chronos Keep is a place on this planet, and as you could guess from the name, it has a little to do with time and John Keats. So I sketched my vision of what this keep would look like and imaged a Pilgrim or visitor looking at it from a mountain. So I took this idea into Blender and began modeling.


Sketch-Chronos Keep


Now after thinking about the concept I wanted to draw more attention to the visitor or the Pilgrim, so made her bigger and the keep more in the background. Here is the blender model I made for defining of the shadows and values.

The Pilgrin renderblack and white

Next I’ll be taking this into Artrage and painting this. She won’t stay nude, I’ve all ready have an idea for her uniform.

Thanks for  looking in,





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2 responses to “Chronos Keep

  1. Kemal

    think on the shadows of hauses

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