Using “Make Human” for drawing reference.

I wanted to share something that I’ve known for quite a while now but only lately have come to appreciate. I “discovered” the software Make Human quite a while back. You probably have not heard of it, but this program enables you to make detailed 3D characters. Characters that you can equip with a skeleton for animating for example in Blender. You can adjust the gender, age, muscle, weight and height among others and go into detail with the face, head and torso creating a unique character.  Below are a few screen shots.


Make Human


Make Human-2
Below are a couple of screen captures of how used the character in Blender to create a scene to use as a drawing reference. All the other “stuff” in the model I had modeled a while ago. Make Human is really easy to use and you can get great results with a half hour. Blender on the other hand takes a while to get used to, the documentation has gotten a lot better and there are even sites dedicated to teaching Blender, it still takes a while to get the “hang” of it, but its worth it.


Temple Ruins -Blender-1

In Blender you can control the light so you can get real shadows. I used these for my drawing reference for the project I am currently working on.
Temple Ruins -Blender-2

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