Painting: Venus Rising

Venus Rising-WebI wanted to “really” Paint with my watercolors for a change instead of doing cartoons with them (which is loads of fun). I sat around on the weekend and sketched and sketched scenes trying to figure out what I wanted to paint. I’ve been boning up on my anatomy and figure drawing combined with gestures and I thought of a post on “Muddy Colors” the other week about how Illustrators are not considered artists, I thought “what would Botticelli think about this. I mean “fine art”, illustration and whatever are terms that have arrive in the past couple hundred years to categorize art. I think the most important thing about art is: Do I like it? Does it say something to me? and what do I feel when looking at it.

I draw and paint because I like to,.. Point. The added plus is the fact that I know what I like, a lot of people don’t actually know what they like or can’t put their finger on why they like something.

This watercolor will be auctioned on ebay starting the 12.12.13. Just click on the widget on my home page “At Auction” and you’ll be taken to the ebay auction.

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2 responses to “Painting: Venus Rising

  1. Kemal

    Hi Bill,
    auch wenn ich die Schamhaftigkeit des originals vermisse, …
    Es gefällt mir. Es ist dir gelungen. Ich werde vielleicht doch mit anbietenn.
    Halte deinne Mutter,deinen Bruder unnd Deine Frau zurück.


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