Update to Gesture drawing hell 101.

Image (Rembrandt.fallhut) courtesy of Wikipedia.

This is an update post to the Welcome to Gesture drawing hell 101 that I posted last year. I’ll add some new sites and remove some sites that don’t exist anymore.

At the beginning of the year I wanted to do 1000 gesture drawings, thinking I could master this within a couple of weeks. I now, looking back, I see how naive I was, something like this takes years. I did get to 400 though and notice my drawing and painting had gotten better. I still plan to do the rest 600 also, I have the 400 on my shelf waiting to get completed.

Here are my resources:


Stan Prokopenko, he’s an artist and art teacher. He has created a site with an insane amount of free and pay-for information, including great instruction videos, explaining gesture drawing and how to get started gesture drawing. If your new to gesture drawing look here first. Also many videos covering the head, nose, ear and mouth definitely worth taking a look.


The models that they used are not real people. Some people contest that the anatomy isn’t right, by some of the models. But I find the site good for gesture training. It’s also possible to load different “models” and turn them to the view that you want them. This is handy when you’re working on something and you don’t have a human reference handy, one can find something similar to the pose that you need and use it as reference, very handy. The advantage this site has is there is no nudity; one can slip in a gesture drawing session at work without worrying if your colleagues or boss “happens” to look what you’re doing.


Very cool site, loads of models, nudes and “Descent,.

If you know of any cool or other similar sites please leave a comment.

So, get out your pencils and paper, turn off your thoughts.

Keep drawing,




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