Painting finished: The Biedensand Tree.

The Biedensand Tree-web

Late in February we went for a walk in a park nearby and I saw this tree. I took a photo and then drew it in graphite and then commenced to paint it in oil. This is probably the most detailed, largest and organic painting I ever did until now. I underestimated the trees in the background and the grass in the foreground. The tree itself was very fun to paint (the rest was also fun), but now I am abandoning this painting to do something else, another graphite drawing.

I have gotten a couple of questions about why am I “abandoning” this painting, here is my explanation:

When I say abandon (art is never really finished) I mean stop doing the tiny detail work that only I will notice (I love the tiny detail work), otherwise I could keep working on this painting for another five another months, but since I am doing this painting only for myself (it’ll hang in my office/paint/computer room) I’ll stop here, maybe in the future I’ll come back to it.

Thanks for looking in,




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