Trying something new.

Love at first sight

Love at first sight

I love cartoons. I grew up reading Gary Larson’s “Far side”, Calvin and Hobbes and the Peanuts. I decided to try something else with the watercolors, one cartoon a week. That way I’ll stay on my road of mastering watercolor painting. I originally wanted to go outside and paint, but the weather here in Germany is really terrible, that and combined with my day-job work schedule I just have to draw and paint when I have time and thats not very much.

I will combine these with my humor (shades of Gary Larson), I apologize a head of time if I offend any one. I’ll try to leave out religion and politics, but then again some of those topics are really funny. I am actually doing these for myself and if anyone enjoys them, then let me know in the comments.

Thanks for looking in,




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3 responses to “Trying something new.

  1. kemal baser

    it is very easy. You take the time. you dont, you can’t have an another possibility. Don’t forget “take all thing what do you want, but pay it”

  2. kemal baser

    I’m wery well. Don’t worry.

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