What I’m working on.

Dark_Kingdom P1130468Hi People, here’s what I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. The graphite drawing is Dark Kingdom from Frank Frazette. I will only be showing this here because it’s for a friend of mine. I won’t be putting this in my portfolio or anywhere else. I don’t believe in decorating myself with feathers from a different bird. I have the highest respect for Mr. Frazette and I would never try to pass-off one of his masterpieces for something of my own. I have read over and over again how copying a painting or drawing, you learn something about how the artist worked and that is my hope: of learning something. The second piece is an oil painting of a tree that I had photographed, I drew the tree in graphite and am now painting it. This has been really a learning by-doing action, because just last weekend I figured out how to paint the tree bark texture. I painted the upper half and will be doing the rest this week (hopefully).

Thanks for looking in,



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