One Year Smudgemaster Blog.


Sketchbook, HB & 4B, about 1.5 hrs.

Sketchbook, HB & 4B, about 1.5 hrs.

So, the one year mark has come and gone. I started this blog to actually keep me motivated to keep putting out work (drawings, paintings, etc.), I would probably keep posting even if no one was reading this blog or taking a look once in a while, I like to think of this as my little journal of my progress on this long and winding art road. To my pleasure after about 3-6 months I was getting a following, people were actually taking a look at my drawings (My skull posts), this was enjoyable for me and it also kept me motivated to keep pushing myself. Also the drawings of nude women were getting some attention (What kind of attention?), I just hope it’s all positive attention, appreciation for the beauty of the human body, because there is no better artist then nature.

I’m at the moment working on an oil painting of a tree and starting a graphite draw of “Dark Kingdom,” from Frank Frazetta, which I also want to paint to hang in my computer / Painting room. I want to thank everyone that stopped by and took a look this year. I dream of making a living and being able to support myself as an artist-Painter, Let’s see what the future holds.



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