Two years later.

Pastels on Paper. Date 21.04.2013

Pastels on Paper.
Date 21.04.2013

Some times it’s good to go back and take a look at what you were drawing one or two years ago and compare it with what your doing today. When you take a look at the stuff that you were drawing two years ago, stuff that at the time you thought were excellent pictures and now feelings of embarrassment come up, but it’s still fun the go back and look. You get the feeling that all the work and practice and studies are starting to pay off and is sort of an incentive to keep going. I know the the picture above has mistakes (but I won’t point them out) and I have a long road a head of me, but it’s small pictures like these that I really like doing. The next picture is from about two years ago and more then slightly embarrassing, but still at the time I thought this was really good and I was very proud of it.

Ballpoint pen on paper

Ballpoint pen on paper

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