What is my time worth?

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A colleague asked me to draw something for him. He explained he wanted to impress a friend who just happens to be a girl and he knew of this picture of her and maybe I had enough time. Needless to say I agreed without seeing the picture before I started. When I finally got the picture (I was told not to show anyone, sorry) There was a mask, glitter and somewhere in the picture a smiling attractive girl. At first I thought, “holy Jesus, how am I gonna do this,” but I’m someone who likes a challenge and started a few weeks ago. I had just finished a painting and wanted to draw something and it came at the right time. After starting I thought a few times, boy are you stupid, your not getting anything for this and the incentive to do a good job sort of suffered. But after getting into the drawing I started to have fun and the old ambition to do a great drawing came back and I start to get into the job actually, I even started to like the drawing a little, but this is something I definitely would not have chosen to draw myself.

But back to the original thought of this post, what is my time worth? What could I ask for this drawing? As CAD drafter I could make at least 20 € an hour, before taxes. I never really thought about charging for my drawings or selling any of my work to tell the truth, I wouldn’t really know what to ask for one of my paintings, or if anyone was interested in buy one.

I read many posts about how you should never work for free or math equations on how to figure out the value of your paintings, but the question remains, Would anyone buy it? I’ve seen a lot of Picture -of-day artist who sell their paintings on-line and the thought of trying this is tantalizing, even seductive, but the creativity would suffer. I think doing something with no thought of monetary reward is a sort of freedom.

Who am I to stand in the way of love, maybe the drawing with impress her to go with him, this would be nice. I just hope she doesn’t hang it in her bathroom.

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2 responses to “What is my time worth?

  1. Interesting perspective, I like it.

    – Jeff

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