My top 5 ways of being unproductive.

Everyone has probably read hundreds of lists and tips on how to be productive. Well, I’m going to do my list backwards because my logic tells me if you know your weaknesses then you can overcome them. There is a time and place for everything and sometimes it’s good to waste time, as the saying goes, “doing nothing is not a waste of time.” Here is my List of how to be unproductive.

5. Don’t clean up your “whole” space after your finished painting or drawing. I don’t know how many time I’ve only one hour to paint and I find myself cleaning up the mess from last time I painted. Out of the one hour I usually have about 30 minutes of paint-time, after clean-up and paint mixing.

4. Facebook is a convenient way to catch up with family and old army buddies. I don’t know how many times I just want to see what so and so is doing and I spend a good 20-30 minutes reading what others have posted.

3. Looking for inspiration in the internet. I try not to do this any more but still catch myself copying something to my inspiration folder because I think it’s cool. You can literally spend hours looking at cool CG art on the internet.

2. Watching tutorials. I usually check how long the tut is before I watch it and if it’s something I really don’t need I usually will not watch it. If I do watch it I try to work along or I try it out after watching. If you don’t do it yourself it doesn’t stick and watching someone else paint is like watching someone else play a video game.

1. Playing computer games. I’ve played my share of games and lately my son asked if he could play minecraft. I looked into it and it seemed harmless so I let him buy the game. After a couple of weeks I wanted to see what he was doing and tried it out myself so I would know what he was talking about when he talked about the game. After three days I gave him half of the cost for the game. I would start at eight PM and before you know it it’s twelve, a very addictive game.


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