Here’s to my Dad.

My first comics

My first comics among others.

It was 1977, I was 11 years old and my dad had just received a box of comic books from his mom (my grandma) with some of his old comic books. My brothers and I had just started collecting comics and he laid them out on the floor and we were able to each pick out ones that we wanted one after another until they were gone. I was the proud owner of an Amazing spider-man #45, an Avengers #16,  Fantastic four #27 and a X-men #12 among others. I was hooked, I would spend hours reading Spider-man and the pinnacle of drawing expertise was the mighty John Buscema, after discovering him in the marvel Conan series. Reading Conan comics led to reading Conan books and that’s where I discovered Frank Frazetta. The art on Conan books could transport you to different worlds, worlds where dark magicians and muscle bound barbarians fought in the never ending struggle for good and evil. I never lost that fascination for his art work and the whole sword and sorcery movement.

Later in life I used my drawing skills and interest in computers and became a Drafter, but the fascination with art and drawing never left me. Here’s to my dad for planting the seed. I never thanked him for the comics and I never sold them either, they mean to much to me and I’ll probably give them to my children.

Here’s a water color sketch and a Graphite sketch both from imagination. Thanks for taking a look.


Glad-wC Wolv-gr


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