Painting updates and water color sketches

P1130001 P1130003

After being sick a week and three weeks of not being able to paint in the evenings I managed meager progress on these two. My two sons took control of my painting area during their winter vacation so painting was out of the question. I finally got some good quality painting time last week and made some progress on the still life and the wizard painting I just couldn’t leave that back wall alone and still need to work on the floor.  The flute looks a little lopsided now that I look at it. Sometimes it helps to take picture of your work and you see it in an all new light.

watercolorsketch3 watercolorsketch2 watercolorsketch1

I was inspired to sketch with watercolors after seeing James Gurney do it on his blog. He takes his sketchbook everywhere and sketches in the most interesting places. The last two are from life (looking out the window and the mountains are the Bergstrasse, where I live, it’s mainly known for their white wines)  and the first one is from an anatomy book I have. I think I’ll keep doing this, it was fun.

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