Two Updates and a Sketch.

Ok, the title of this post sounds like a movie, but I couldn’t think of anything else. First the still life update. This one is turning out pretty descent. What I am worried about though (I’m always worrying about my paintings) is the drum wood texture and the metronome. The wood texture will make or break the drum and the metronome is a little funky looking, the geometry is not right. I’ll have to correct this when I start with that part of the painting.


Ok, now for the Wiz-painting. This one is turning out OK too, the Stone wall is falling into place and the floor needs work, but I’m not going to put to much more work into those, because I want the Spirit and the Wizard and table to stand out more. Maybe I’ll make it a little darker.


Here’s  little sketch that I did, some thumbnail on top and some faces.



Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, and keep drawing,




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2 responses to “Two Updates and a Sketch.

  1. I like the rhythm in the wood! Very nice.

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