Work-in-Progress: Wizard Painting


I admit, I am nervous about this one, having a few people looking over your shoulder while you jump out of your comfort zone isn’t a nice feeling., but then again I usually don’t worry about those things until it’s to late, also having the one-ring-to-rule-them-all helps (oops the secrets out of the bag).  I’ve been reading Fritz Lieber’s “Tales of Lankhmar” and I was sort of inspired from these stories of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser to do a bunch of wizard sketches, resulting for the idea of this painting. I put a lot of planning into this one, I took reference photos of me posed (very embarrassing but necessary), I sketched out the hands of the Wizard, I collected reference pictures of different things from the net for inspiration and I broke out my old Dungeon and Dragons books.


I also modeled the room and textured it using Blender (open source 3D program) and made renders of these to get the light correct (I like the blue rim light).


Now this was the first time I used Blender to model something I would paint, but It help a lot and I can imagine doing this more often (like a Lankhmar cityscape). Now the rest is up to me, either crash and burn or something half way resembling what I want will come out of this. Below is the underpaint.


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