The incredible flamming ball of fail.

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia


Earlier this year, I bought some paints and a canvas and wanted to paint the ultimate scene of a wizard sitting in a field studying a floating book and being watched from a tree branch by his familiar. I was convinced that I could do this, my drawing skills were not too shabby, what could go wrong? Needless to say I failed in a catastrophic, fireball of miserable fail, and since then I’ve avoided painting figures, afraid of failing again.

I started drawing more and more figures, started gesture drawing in my free time and painting still life to train my eye. Slowly my confidence came back, my drawing got better, and my painting skills improved, but the fear of failing again didn’t go away. Now I’m the kind of person that tries to see everything logically (just call me Spock), I’ll try to reason things out for myself, tying to find the positive points about my fail. The positive points are:


  1. I realized my painting sucked. The only way to get better is do more.
  2. My drawing skills needed to improve. Also I needed to do more.
  3. My figures were flat and not convincing. Ditto from above.


Now after a year of painting and drawing I didn’t turn into a master, but I think I’ll try my hand at painting a figure again, the fear is still there, but the Spock in me tells me it’s time to try again. So here’s to failing.


Thanks for stopping by and keep drawing,



P.S. I’ll post my flaming ball of fail painting when I’m a little more confident, right now it’s just to embarrassing.


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