WIP 2 : Still-life Oil Painting Snail

Hi Everyone,

Like I said I would post something about art this week. I started another oil painting. I looked around for something to paint and I decided I like this snail that my wife had as decor. I found a cement block outside and I found this looked pretty cool (My wife even said she wanted the picture, first time for everything 😉 ). My process was like before:

1. draw studies in graphite.

2. I then draw the snail on the board and the I spray over it with fixative.

3. Next the under painting, this time with oils.

4. The first pass. One gets the idea how it’s gonna look like.

Next week, I’ll update my progress. This blog is great , because it motivates me to keep at it, I just hope I don’t ruin it.

Thanks for taking a look, and keep drawing,




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5 responses to “WIP 2 : Still-life Oil Painting Snail

  1. I like the part of your wife in the process 😉
    makes a big difference…..

  2. Judith

    That is wear I wound hang it,your mom

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