Top Ten “Manly” Professions.

A few weeks ago my son came to me and said that what I was drawing wasn’t “manly.” After being numstruck for about 5 seconds I asked him what he exactly meant. Was it drawing that he thought was unmanly or what I was drawing. He said that drawing itself “wasn’t that bad,” but what I was drawing wasn’t manly. At the time I was drawing the 40 (naked) women.

OK, agreed, drawing covorting naked women wasn’t to manly, but it does increase your testosterone levels.  I got to thinking what would be a profession that would impress a 6 yr old as being manly (or me). I came up with a list. from number 10 to 1, #1 being the manliest. So here it is:

The Top Ten “Manly” Professions (as seen through the eyes of a six yr old)

10. Policeman
Besides wearing a cool uniform, a policeman can tell anyone what to do. Someone should be doing something: yell at them to do it or not. This is bad ass to the core.


Kids love to play with fire and most kids love knives. A Bladesmith combines both with the added bonus that you get hugh arms from pounding the heck out of a piece of metal, and in the end you have a sword,… Perfect.

8.Demolition Blast master
What can beat playing with fire? Blowing things up, need I say more?

7. Stuntman
Jumping from a roof top or setting yourself on fire is “Butch!” (Colt Seevers)

These guys get to cut down trees all day long,.. with chainsaws!

5-1 where chosen because the chance that you could die carrying out these jobs are above average even for hazardous professions.

People two words:  Apollo 13

4. Navy Seal
Besides from getting to carry all sorts of weapons, you also get to travel. How was the phrase? “Go to foreign lands, meet exotic people and kill them.” (Seriously though they are the toughest trained experts the U.S. has to offer).

The shadow warriors. The best ninjas were never noticed. They just left a trail of mayhem and dead bodies behind them.

Swooping down from the north plundering and pillaging villages. Fear was their friend.

1.Greek Spartan Hoplite

The hoplite warrior was the heavy infantry of their day. It had to take chonas the size of canonballs to fight like these guys. A shield, spear and short-sword in maelstrom of chaos and mayhem.

So thats my list of top “Manly” professions probably seen through the eyes of a six yr old. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. I’ll actually be posting my next work-in-progess next week. I’m working on another oil painting.

Bye for now and keep drawing,



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