Blender, the open source 3D modeling software wonder.

In 2008 I discovered (for myself) the open source software Blender. I have a 3D CAD background and I was looking for a good-cheap (free) 3D modeling program. I tried quite a few, you only have to go to Source Forge and search for graphic programs. Finally through internet sources I heard of Blender. I checked it out and I was hooked. I downloaded the 2.47 version and proceed down my road of learning what this program could do. At first I couldn’t believe the a “free” program could do so much, so well. I scoured the internet for tutorials and got about learning how to use this “answer to my prayers.”

The learning curve for Blender in 2008 was steep (it still is somewhat but got better). It was very badly documented and tutorials were hard to come by. I searched youtube and kept soaking in all I could find. After two years I was good enough to be able to model and texture anything I wanted. I started putting my models up for sale at Turbosquid, 3D studio and 3D export, generating a steady income of maybe $5-10 a month. This isn’t much but I saved and was able to use this for small things like printer ink cartridges.

I noticed though that I was attracted to the texturing side more and started drawing and sketching more and more. I was able to buy a drawing plate and a used Wacom graphic tablet with my sales. Eventually I was spending less and less time modeling and more time drawing. Also Turbosquid stopped my payment claiming that although I’m an American with a Social Security number I wouldn’t be able to get any more payments from them until I submitted the proper documents proving this. I said, “bullocks” and canceled my account with TS (leaving $15 they still owed me) and decided to concentrate on traditional art.

I’ll always have a soft-spot for Blender, even if I don’t use it as much as I used to. It’s still a program I would recomend to anyone looking for a good 3D modeling/ animation software. On September 26, 2012 the fourth “open movie” (Tears of steel) will be released on Youtube. Blender was used for all the special effects in the movie. Check it out.

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