Watercolor pencil test

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to test watercolor pencils that I had boughten, so I decided to just base my composition on a famous painting that most probably know, Gustave Caillebotte an impressionist who lived from 1948 to 1894. So, this is just a test, like I stated before. I didn’t use exactly the right paper and my process probably could be better, but like I said, it’s only a test. I outlined my painting in pencil and then I went about filling in with the watercolor pencils, and then I treated the pigment on the paper like watercolors and washed over it with water and brush. I let it dry and repeated twice. What I noticed was the colors were brighter then normal colored pencils. Also by coloring over with different colors I could mix colors and came up with different textures and colors. I’ll be continuing for two more weeks (I want to spent a max of three weeks on this) and see how this comes out.

I have to admit though, I like acrylic paints more and I love oils paints. watercolors don’t give me the control that I like with other paints, but I’m exploring and I could imagine using these for sketching or in preparation for a painting.

Thanks for stopping by and keep drawing,



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