Oil Painting: Work-in-Progress

Hey Everyone,

So, here I am with my first WIP and the first oil painting of my entire life. I searched around the Internet about how to paint in oils and got a few tips and tricks before I started. I had painted in acrylics before so I was not totally lost. I even found an oil painting starter kit in Ebay for an incredible 1€ ( $1.25). Some of the colors are pretty strange but you can mix them and all the necessary colors were included. Its always worth while to look in Ebay once in a while, because you can find art materials cheap, sometimes, not all ways.

So, first off I started off getting ideas, since I have trouble with hands I decided I wanted to paint a hand. Since I have two of them, I decided to use my hand as a still life. I took pictures of my hand holding different things and I sort of liked the pocket watch. Next I did pencil studies of my hand and the watch and also the watches chain.

I drew my study on 20 x 20 cm carton-board , making sure to get all the detail I wanted. Next I used brown acrylic paint for the under-painting. Next I painted over the acrylics with oil, mixing flesh tones and for the shadows I mixed in a green tone, because shadows are not pure black. The background I mixed burnt-umber with a little black. At this time I hadn’t started on the watch yet.

I will be finishing this up next week with the final glazes. I happy with the result so far, I just hope I don’t ruin it.

Thanks for stopping by and keep drawing,



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