Artist Spotlight: Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Born: 1904, in Figeres Spain. Died: 1989

Paintings: over 1500.

What can I say about Salvador Dali that hasn’t all ready been said? Beside from being eccentric, Dali was a gifted and creative painter. I remember discovering his work in my late teens. This was one of the first times that someone’s artwork captivated me in this way. I was from then on a “Dali-fan.”

Later finding out about his escapades only made him more interesting. Like the time he gave a lecture in a deep-sea diving suit and all most suffocated in the process. This and many other incidents made the man, Dali, only seem larger the life. Dali referred to himself in the third person in the now famous 60 minutes interview (on Youtube) and stated, “Dali is immortal and will never die.” On being expelled from the “surrealist group” in 1934, Dali replied, “I myself am Surrealism.”

I encourage everyone who is not familiar with Dali’s work’s to take time and look at them. They still fascinated me today.

You can find Dali’s work at:

Salvador Dali museum Florida

Salvador Dali Museum Spain  ( on can switch the site to English or French)

Salvador Dali at Wikipedia

Thanks for reading and keep drawing,



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