My drawing technique walkthrough.

There were a few people who asked me to breakdown my technique to show how I draw from the beginning to the end. I thought it was good idea so here we go. Now this is a process that works for me and I like the results that I get doing it, you should experiment and see what works for you.

Materials used: Pencils 2HD, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, Tissue, q-tips.

Picture 1.

I start by drawing the form using my HB pencil. Now when drawing I try not to think, “now I’m drawing a nose or now I’m drawing the head.” I try to think of it all as form, lines and curves. I draw the basic form with shadows with the HB and then switch to the 2HD and lightly shade the whole figure in, because nothing is really pure white and you want to get the white out of the form.

Picture 2.

Using the tissue I smudge the figure completely. Leaving some light shadowed areas.

Picture 3.

Now I use the 2B pencil to outline my figure and start adding additional details. Hair, eyes, eyebrows, lips. Fingers and folds in the cloth.

Picture 4.

Now using a 2B I start deepening the shadows, still being careful not to get to dark. Also adding additional details here, neck, hair, folds in the skin.

Picture 5.

Now using the tissue I smudge this also.

Picture 6.

Now I deepen the shadows using 4B pencil. Looking for the darker shadows and folds. Then I switch over to the 6B pencil and lightly darken certain parts of the shadows also I add small detail line to the whiter areas of my figure. You can spend as long as you want on the last step, the more time you spend the more details you can get.

I read once that in painting and drawing the last 20 percent is the last 80 percent. Meaning the more time you spend finishing the more it pays off.

Picture 7.

Finished for now.

Thanks for looking in and keep drawing,



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