Drawing 40 of something.

If your having problems with drawing a certain piece of anatomy, say arm, legs, head of face, one of the best ways to overcome these difficulties is to draw it 40 times or 40 different types of it. I have problems with anatomy and proportions sometimes. I usually go over to artsyposes or pixellovely (last post) and use the models there as reference or I dig out my wife’s H&M catalogs (and you don’t need your computer) and draw the models from out of there, but this is usually good for faces. I was having problems with getting faces right, so I got out my wife’s catalogs and drew 40 of the models faces. This was fun to do and it was challenging and as I got near the end I was getting good results and was also faster.
This coupled with gesture drawing is a great way to improve your drawing. Although this is time consuming, it’s worth it. You’ll see a big difference in you drawings and when you finally get to the last ten you’ll also notice your getting quicker at getting the measurements and the gestures right.

So get out your pencils and paper, turn off your thoughts,
And keep drawing.


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