Welcome to Gesture drawing hell 101.

Image (Rembrandt.fallhut) courtesy of Wikipedia.

I’ve been getting into gesture drawing the last couple of days. By gesture drawing one should draw as quickly as one can using loose lines (no chicken scratching). You have at the most 2 minutes at the least 30 seconds, no erasing and no measurement taking just quick loose line drawing. For me this is hell, when I draw, I take measurements and am constantly erasing and redrawing. But this is a key way to learning anatomy and getting better at drawing in general. But I feel like a total beginner (once again) and this is something I get frustrated with, but I know that learning something new is not easy, and staying in your comfort zone is not good.

Do about ten of these a day though and you will see improvement in your drawing, you’ll be able to take measurements easier and faster, the pose and the anatomy of your figure drawings will be more believable. The hardest part for me is to stop at the given amount of time. I want every single drawing that I do to be a masterpiece, but with gesture drawing that isn’t the goal. There are a couple to sites on the internet where you can practice this.


The models that they used are not real people. Some people contest that the anatomy isn’t right, by some of the models. But I find the site good for gesture training. It’s also possible to load different “models” and turn them to the view that you want them. This is handy when you’re working on something and you don’t have a human reference handy, one can find something similar to the pose that you need and use it as reference, very handy. The advantage this site has is there is no nudity; one can slip in a gesture drawing session at work without worrying if your colleagues or boss “happens” to look what you’re doing.


Very cool site, loads of models, nudes and “Descent,.

Artsyposes.com  (Unfortunately this site is Off-line)

Very similar to pixelovely, they even have some of the same models. There are a lot of costumed models here, which adds a little interest to the subject.

If you know of any cool or other similar sites please leave a comment.

So, get out your pencils and paper, turn off your thoughts.

Keep drawing,




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4 responses to “Welcome to Gesture drawing hell 101.

  1. drawingsofdubiousquality

    I tried gesture drawing once. I ended up with a couple of stick men and a whole lot of stress.

    • Yeah, it is stress, I usually file them in the round file cabinet sitting on the floor next to my desk. It’ll be a while before I’ll be able to show any of them.

  2. Thanks for posting the resources and your work is wonderful! I’m definitely going to try some of this.

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