Drawing Skulls

Skull Study

I noticed a lot of people downloading this drawing or opening it in gophotoit. For use of this image in traditional print media or for any commercial licensing rights, please email me for permissions. However, you have my permission to quote images or text on your non-commercial blog, website, or Facebook page as long as you give a credit and link back. Students and teachers can also quote images or text for their non-commercial school activity.

Drawing skulls (human or not human) is important if you want to draw faces realistically. To draw the face one has to be able to realize what is going on behind the surface. The muscles that make up the face and very important is the skull itself. Most people are revolted or they question the reason behind drawing skulls or skeleton bones (besides from finding them cool), but to draw better one must study anatomy and how the body is made up, female and male. This is also the reason to draw nude people, because if you can’t draw someone nude, you won’t be able draw them with clothes on realistically. If the anatomy is off people will notice it, subconsciously they will realize something is not right and will be turned off or you will not be able to capture you audience how you want to. So get out your 2B pencils and search the Internet for references (google skull reference), practice drawing skulls.

Checkout my video on drawing an easy skull using the Loomis method here: Link

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