Life is a key factor in creating Art.

Here I am again, writing about creating art. This won’t be the usual “create art at all cost” entry though, what I’m going to write about is the life factor in finding time or making time to draw or paint or whatever. This may get a little philosophical for some people, but here I go and say it straight out: If you are not a Freelancer or profi Artist you won’t always have time to make art.  There I said it, and I mean it. You will get sick, the furnace will breakdown, you’ll have a spat with your spouse, your car will need repairing, you’ll get bitten by a tick and have to take Antibiotics for three weeks (this happened to me last week) and you’ll feel like someone took out your brain and replaced it with minced meat, or you’ll just be to tired. This and many more things could happen and will (maybe).

I think you have to stay realistic about creating art if your not working full time as a artist, graphic artist or illustrator. There are just a lot of times where I will just not have the time to get into the proper mindset that I need to finish something. I have a still life painting that I started weeks ago and things just have been popping up hindering me from spending time on it. The danger could be that I lose interest, but I just keep everything laid out so that when I walk by I am reminded, I want to finish that. But there are times when you will lose and the interest is gone and you’ll just hurry-up just to get it finished and the outcome will not be what you wanted. I usually stick those away somewhere where only I can see them. This is frustrating, but it happens. But as I mentioned before, Artists are the ones that don’t quit.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.


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