Artist Spotlight: Jan Vermeer 1632-1675

I would like to write once in a while about some of the artists (dead or alive) that are inspiring or have inspired me.  Vermeer is one of them. Although he is only attributed with thirty-four paintings he is known as one of the masters of the Golden age of Dutch painters. Of course, if you know Vermeer’s works you think of “The girl with the pearl earring” which is a masterpiece, but I find just as wonderful is the “Girl with a red hat.”  In the painting she gazes out with a look that could melt steel. Vermeer took everyday situations and froze them in time, one has the feeling you are a visitor, observing in the homes of his subjects. His masterful lighting and rendering in his paintings leave me in awe every time I look at them.

Anytime I am feeling content about my art (which doesn’t happen often) I take a few moments and look at his paintings and I know I have a long, long way to go.

“Girl with a red hat” Courtesy of

More information about Vermmer or online galleries:

 Vermeer at Wikipedia

Vermeer at Wikigallery

Essential Vermeer


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