The Art Crisis

Ok, I had a small art crisis last weekend. Let me explain:

(Background story)  I was at a flea market last weekend, my kids wanted to do this for a long time, so my wife and I decided it would be a good experience for them. Being inexperienced flea-marketers my wife and I packed the car with our plunder the night before, so far so good. Set up time was at 7 am until 8 am so that meant we would have to get up at least at 6 am if we wanted a cup of coffee and breakfast before we left, no problem. My oldest son decided 6 am was to late and set his alarm clock for 4:30 am. So I stayed awake drawing until 1 am and thought five hours would be enough. At 4:30 am the alarm clock from my son went off and woke us up, my wife told him to go back to bed and she did herself and fell immediately back to sleep, not I. I stayed awake and got up at 6 and made coffee (a strong one). To make a long story short we set up for the flea market and I took a walk around looking what the other people were selling. A lot of the people were selling art, old, new and something in between. And then it got me thinking, hmm would I want any of these pictures on my wall? And my answer was no, my next question was would any one want my pictures on their walls (I have two of my own pics on my walls)? The worst question was how would I feel seeing my pictures at a flea market selling for 2 Euros  and no one wanted them!

What followed was a small crisis, what direction was my art going, was I good enough, was I biting off to much? all these question circled in my mind until I sat down and drew something and then I knew I was doing this for myself. I know that these demons will come back and haunt me, but I know now I just have to sit down and keep doing what I’m doing which is drawing.

Thanks for reading,



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