Finding time to draw.

I like to draw, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have this blog… etc. I sometimes get the question, “when do you find time to do this?” Well, I work a 40-hour workweek and have two kids, I know finding time to draw or paint isn’t easy. But I have the opinion that if you have a passion for something you will find time for it, or make time. Like we all know though to get better one needs to draw, draw and draw some more, and finding the time can be a little discouraging.

At home:
As a father of two children I enjoy taking time for my kids, the time I spend with them is important, because the time will come when hanging out with dad won’t be to cool anymore. So most of the digital drawing I do takes place after they are in bed. I can squeeze in a graphite sketch here and there, but if I’m working on something bigger or doing studies, it usually takes a few days to finish. When I paint with paints at home I usually do this at night, I have a 2-hour window where the kids go to be and when I need to go to bed because I have to work in the morning.

In the office:
During the day I am at work, hmm, I have to work and not draw. My boss wouldn’t be to understanding if I told him I need to finish up a drawing that I’m working on, bad idea. But there are few things one can do to “practice.” Almost everyone doodles just doodle in perspective. It’s great practice drawing boxes and tubes in perspective. Now I’m not saying ignore your work and doodle, but there are always those times when you waiting for something or the computer is “computing or you’re talking on the telephone. Just draw a horizon on a piece of scrap paper and draw boxes in one or two point perspective. Also there is always lunch time, now don’t ignore your social life or you’ll be known as “the geek that draws” (I know this), but there is always that ten minutes to thumb nail or doodle.

So, that’s all for my rambling, and thanks for reading if you got this far. And remember that’s just something that works for me, everyone is different, with art I think it’s all about discipline and sticking with it. Like you always hear the “artists are the ones that didn’t quit”.




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2 responses to “Finding time to draw.

  1. ruthphipps

    Hi Bill, thanks for checking out my blog. Keep up the good work with the drawing.

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