La Esperanza

La Esperanza, the hope. Those where my feelings for the last few days, hope is fragile, temporary and can easily be dashed to pieces. For me hope comes in a few forms, with the promise of a vaccine, a new political climate in the US (for some people) and the winter here in the northern hemisphere reaching the half way point, one can slowly see light on the horizon.

I took a break from Goblins this week, maybe they will come back next week, maybe something else, we’ll see where my muse steers me. Like I wrote in my last post, I’ve been looking at a lot of art nouveau, so naturally it creeps into my work. This is ballpoint pen and ink.

Thanks for taking a look.


Netflix Sketching

I’ve gotten into the habit of sketching while I watch series or movies, usually on netflix, so I call this netflix sketching. I will pause and sketch a face or a pose that strikes me, usually I am a lone because no one wants to wait 10 to 20 minutes while I concentrate on my sketchbook.

I also discovered the Heidelberg digital archive, I found out they have the complete collection of an old German weekly art magazine that was published between 1896 -1944 called Jugend. Which the German art nouveau movement (Jugendstil) got it’s name. The last page of Victorian ladies are inspired by those pages.

Thanks for looking in and keep sketching,


Metamorphosis, last painting in a series.

It took a while to finished this series, but I finally got around to it. Being distracted doing other paintings trying out different stuff. The painting it self went rather quickly, it was one of those paintings that paints itself. Now on to something different.

Thanks for taking a look, and cheers to the new year, may it be a little more positive,


Snorbi the goblin

As goblins go Snorbi was nothing to look at, with his long ears and short snout, but if you wanted to steal a chicken, Snorbi was your man or goblin.

Looks like 2020 is going out with a bang. A mutated virus, a guy who can’t admit he lost and serious case of “boy what do I do now” lockdown boredom. The answer is naturally make art.

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all a great holiday season,



I had the idea for this one bouncing around in my head for a while now. I also decided to get more familiar with Clip Studio Paint, which I used to paint this one. As I had mention in earlier post I will be painting all my fantasy and Sci-Fi stuff on the computer and I believe I found my program of choice. I still will be painting traditionally, but only the stuff I will be selling in my etsy shop, mostly nudes and still life, because I really don’t want to stop painting with paints and brushes. It’s just a part of me now. Here are the sketch and small model I made to visualize this.

Early sketch
Figure and polymer clay. Cool.

Thanks for looking in and stay healthy,


Harkkonian Spice

I fell in love with the Dune novel many, many years ago, and I was so excited to hear that they were filming it again and then I saw the trailer and thought, YES! And then I heard they were postponing the movie until next year (makes sense; corona). I went through the full range of emotions waking up on the 4th of November. Excitement, disappointment and finally happy excitement as the day went on. I had this t-shirt design on the back burner for a while now and decided to make it and put it up on my Redbubble shop only to be taken down within 24 hrs, go figure. Oh, well on to the next project, maybe I’ll take it to my local t-shirt shop and get one made for myself.

Thanks for stopping by and stay decent.